We let our work speak for itself. From complete system turnkey cleaning services to the smallest pipe.

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OutKast IG is a family own and operated industrial cleaning company that specializes in the cleaning of above ground storage tanks and pipeline systems. Our teams are comprised of highly experienced personnel with the highest level of pride and work ethic

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Above Ground Storage Tanks Cleaning

We offer turnkey solutions whether the tank requires to be cleaned for maintenance, API inspection, or product change. 

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Pipeline Systems Cleaning

From a complex multi-system cleaning to a simple pump pad OutKast can return your pipes clean and ready for its next service

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Complete System Turnkey Cleaning

Our experienced professionals can assist in the cleaning of all components in your systems.

Top Quality Training

Going Beyond the "Baseline" Training

Proven Rescue Teams 

Our proven rescue teams are trained and tested vigorously and continuously. Each rescue technician is trained in accordance with NFPA 1670 - Standard on Operations and Training for Technical Search and Rescue Incidents. High intensity drills are regularly performed to ensure all  technicians are prepared for the call. Continuous real-world training keeps our skills at their peak and ready. 


Understanding the unique projects or spills that may come to us, we ensure all members are properly prepared and trained. This is where each team member is trained in accordance with 29  CFR 1910.120 - Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response. Field tests are performed regularly to ensure all technicians can adapt and overcome any obstacle presented. 

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Confined Space Professionals 

Every team member is trained in accordance with 29 CFR 1910.146 - Permit Required Confined Space. All personnel are also trained and tested along their careers in accordance with API Standard 2015 to set them up for success in becoming a certified API Tank Entry Supervisor. Knowledge tests are performed regularly, this keeps all technicians current with all regulations and heightened safety awareness across the board.

Confined Space and High Angled Rescue 

With all confined space projects comes the standby rescue aspect. Our teams are cross trained in confined space & high angle rescue, this minimizes the footprint on the jobsite as well as giving the client peace of mind that all entrants in the confined space are trained in rescue and have a heightened level of hazard situational awareness. Understanding all aspects of a project are vital for all levels to achieve a safe working environment and culture within the company.

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